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Welcome to Concept of Balance. We are inviting you to explore our Healing Products and Welness Machines. We Strogly advocate and inspire children, parents. teens, and all kinds of humanity. We have to join hands in making a difference on practical Sustainable Natural Organic foods that heals our body. Healing with Tea, Natural Supplements, Herbs, juicing and practicing the movements of Yantra Yoga. Our knowledge in Ayurveda had given us the edge in finding these ancient Healing Products that are very effective and been searched in the wilds of the forest not being exposed to pollutions. Let’s be aware of what we eat and change our lifestyle. Our Machines are Ultrasound Healers and Radar Waves sequenced to heal the body and eliminate toxins in the fat thus making the obese fat get dissolved . Check us out and be a member and join to our Concept of Balance Path to Longevity. Thank you and Namaste , Concept of Balance

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